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(a) Conference and Workshop Talks

S. Redaelli, Simulations and measurements of collimation cleaning with 100MJ beams at the LHC, International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC13, Shanghai, 2013 (PDF, PPT)

S. Redaelli, LHC Collimators and Movable Devices, LHC Machine Protection Workshop (Annecy), March 2013 (PDF)

G. Valentino, Collimator settings generation, management and verification, LHC Machine Protection Workshop (Annecy), March 2013 (PDF)

B. Salvachua, Beam-based validation of settings, LHC Machine Protection Workshop, March 2013 (PDF)

R. Bruce, Collimator hierarchy limits: assumptions and impact on machine protection and performance, LHC Machine Protection Workshop (Annecy), March 2013 (PDF)

A. Bertarelli, Updated robustness limits for collimator materials, LHC Machine Protection Workshop (Annecy), March 2013 (PPT)

B. Salvachua, Cleaning and Collimator Operation Outlook, LHC Beam Operation Workshop (Evian), December 2012 (PDF)

S. Redaelli, Collimation Experience at the Large Hadron Collider, ICFA-HB2012 Workshop, September 2012 (PDF)

G. Valentino, Automatic Computer Algorithms for LHC Beam-Based Collimator Alignment, ICAP, August 2012 (PDF)

S. Redaelli, Do we really need an upgrade of the LHC collimation system for HL-LHC, Chamonix Workshop, February 2012 (PDF)

R. Bruce, Collimator settings and performance, Chamonix Workshop, February 2012 (PDF)

G. Valentino, Multi-turn losses and cleaning in 2011 and 2012, LHC Beam Operation Workshop (Evian), December 2011 (PDF)

R. Bruce, Beta-star reach, LHC Beam Operation Workshop (Evian), December 2011 (PDF)

A. Bertarelli, Research and Development of Novel Advanced Materials for next-generation collimators, IPAC'11, September 2011 (PDF)

R. Assmann, LHC Collimation - too good or too bad?, Chamonix Workshop, January 2011 (PDF)

S. Redaelli, Collimator improvements for 2011 and 2012 upgrade: what do we plan?, Chamonix Workshop, January 2011 (PDF)

D. Wollmann, Multi-turn losses and cleaning, LHC Beam Operation Workshop (Evian), December 2010 (PDF)

R. Assmann, Collimation for LHC High Intensity Beams, ICFA-HB Workshop, September 2010 (PDF)

S. Redaelli, Performance of the LHC collimation system, ICFA-HB Workshop, September 2010 (PDF)

D. Wollmann, First Cleaning with LHC Collimators, IPAC'10, May 2010 (PDF)

R. Assmann, Summary of the Collimation Upgrade Plans, Chamonix Workshop, January 2010 (PDF)

R. Assmann, Requirements and Design Criteria for the LHC Collimation System, EPAC'02, June 2002 (PDF)

J.B. Jeanneret, Beam Loss and Collimation at LHC, ICFA-HB, April 2002 (PDF)

R. Assmann, Simulations for LHC collimation robustness, APAC'01, September 2001 (PDF)

(b) [Old] Talks on system commissioning

July 2008: Two status talks at the 51th meeting of the LHC Commissioning Working Group.
R.Assmann: System Status and Commissioning Plans without and with Beam (PPT)
S. Redaelli: Results from Collimator Remote Commissioning (PDF)

- - - -

November 2007: S. Redaelli: Cold checkout preparation for the collimation system (PDF)
(OP cold checkout workshop)

- - - -

November 2006: R. Assmann at the LHCCWG meeting: Collimator during betatron squeeze (PDF)

- - - -

May 2006: R. Assmann at the LHCCWG meeting: Collimator commissioning at 450 GeV (PDF)

- - - -

January 2006: Chamonix proceedings: paper.

(c) Summary Talks

October 2015: D. Mirarchi, ATS Seminar, 01.10.2015 (PPT)

- - - -

August 2008: T. Weiler at HB2008 (PDF)

- - - -

November 2007: R. Assmann at the GSI: Beam losses and Collimation at the LHC (PPT)
(Seminar at GSI)

- - - -

October 2007: S. Redaelli: Overview of loss map simulations (PDF)
(Beam'07 workshop)

- - - -

September 2007: Proceedings of the Workshop on Materials for Collimators and Beam Absorbers

Sound and vibration measurements:
S. Redaelli: Accelerometer and microphone measurements of the LHC collimator during impacts of proton beams (PDF)
G. spiezia at the CWG meeting of May 2005: Collimator sound and vibration measurements at the TT40 tests (PDF)
Paper presented at PAC05: Paper on preliminary results from 2004 measurements (PDF)

- - - -

June 2007: R. Assmann: Update on the LHC collimation system (PDF)
(LHC Machine advisory committee no. 21)

- - - -

November 2006: G. Robert-Demolaize: Design and performance optimization of the LHC collimation system (PDF)
(CERN AB Seminar)

- - - -

June 2006: S. Redaelli: The LHC beam collimation (PDF)

June 2006: S. Redaelli: Commissioning of the LHC collimation system (PDF)

- - - -

12/5/03     R. Assmann: Designing and Building a Collimation System for the High-Intensity LHC Beams (PPT)

8/4/03       R. Assmann: Status of the LHC Collimation System (incl thoughts of 3-stage system) (PDF)

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