LHC Collimation Working Group
List of 2008 meetings

Minutes: 97th meeting 17.12.08 PDF, Slides    
  96th meeting 16.06.08 PDF, Slides    
  95th meeting 22.04.08 PDF, Slides    
  94th meeting 18.02.08 PDF, Slides    
  93rd meeting 04.02.08 PDF, Slides    
  92nd meeting 21.01.08 PDF, Slides    

17.12.08      Minutes (PDF)
                      S. Redaelli:         Highlights of SPS collimator beam tests (PDF)

                      T. T. Boehlen:    Beam loss patterns at LHC and SPS (PDF)
                      M. Sapinski:       BLM thresholds for the LHC collimators (PDF)

16.06.08      Minutes (PDF)
                      G. Bellodi:          ICOSIM results for different computation of ion cross
                                                     sections in the collimator material (PDF)
                      S. Redaelli:         Planning for the 2008 collimator MD's at the SPS (PDF)

                      S. Redaelli:         Preliminary results of TI2 collimator beam commissioning (PDF)
                      M. Brugger:        Simulations of beam pipe heating and BLM thresholds (PDF)

22.04.08      Minutes (PDF)
                      C. Bracco:          Betatron cleaning in IR3 - I (PDF)
                      T. Weiler:           Betatron cleaning in IR3 - II (PDF)

                      V. Previtali:        Betatron cleaning in IR3 - III (PDF)
                      G. Bellodi:         Betatron cleaning in IR3 for ions (PDF)

18.02.08      Minutes (PDF)
                      D. Kramer:          Results of the 2007 BLM hardware tests in LSS5 (PDF)
                      T. Bohlen:           Beam Loss Calibration Studies at the LHC Collimator in LSS5 (PDF)

04.02.08      Minutes (PDF)
                      E. Radermacher: TOTEM controls (PDF).
                      B. Salvant:           Status of collimator impedance measurements (PDF)
                      P. Anton Letnes: Beam scraping at the SPS (PDF)
                      M. Mauri:            Energy deposition from direct proton losses (PDF)

21.01.08      Minutes (PDF)
                      S. Redaelli:     Review of open actions (web page)
                      M. Jonker:      Final design of collimator FESA servers (PDF)
                      T. Weiler:      Collimator hardware commissioning procedures (PDF)