LHC Collimation Working Group
(former Beam Cleaning Study Group)
List of 2001 meetings

6th Meeting 12.12.01 No minutes

5th Meeting 28.11.01 PDF, WORD
Only PDF files

4th Meeting 07.11.01 PDF, WORD
contain all the

3rd Meeting 24.10.01 PDF, WORD

2nd Meeting 10.10.01 PDF, WORD

1st Meeting 26.09.01 PDF, WORD

28.11.01    R. Assmann and J.B. Jeanneret: Input from the BI Review for LHC Collimation (PDF)
(BCSG)     R. Assmann: Preliminary working plan (PDF)

7.11.01      J. Wenninger: LHC orbit feedback (PDF)
(BCSG)     V. Kain: Preliminary beam loss studies (PDF)
                  J.B. Jeanneret: Survey, Collective Effects and Thermal Studies (PDF)

24.10.01    R. Assmann: Collimation efficiency versus length (PDF)
(BCSG)     D. Kaltchev: Move of Q7 in cleaning insertion
                  B. Dehning: Collimation counting rates (PDF, PPT)

10.10.01    G. Burtin: Present collimator design (technical drawings, list)
(BCSG)     M. Lamont: Views on LHC operation with collimators (PDF, PPT)

26.09.01    R. Assmann: Simulations for LHC collimation robustness (PDF)

Other meetings/talks:

5.12.01      R. Assmann, G. Burtin, J.B. Jeanneret, R. Schmidt: Announcement CERN Meeting (PDF)

19.11.01    J.B. Jeanneret: A Preliminary Specification for the Collimation System of the LHC (PDF)
(BIREV)    G. Burtin: LHC Collimators - Mechanical Point of View (PDF)
                  R. Assmann: Status of the LHC Beam Cleaning Study Group (PDF)

7.11.01      R. Assmann: Report from the LHC Beam Cleaning Study Group  (PDF)
(LCC)        J.B. Jeanneret: Safe beams without collimation (PDF)

5.11.01      R. Assmann: Collimation efficiency versus collimation depth (PDF)