LHC Collimation Working Group
List of 2004 meetings

Minutes: 49th meeting 10.12.04 PDF, Slides    
  48th meeting 03.12.04 PDF, Slides    
  47th meeting 26.11.04 PDF, Slides    
  46th meeting 12.11.04 PDF, Slides    
  45th meeting 29.10.04 PDF, Slides    
  44th meeting 08.10.04 PDF, Slides    
  43rd meeting 20.09.04 PDF, Slides    
  42nd meeting 03.09.04 PDF, Slides    
  41st meeting 27.08.04 PDF, Slides    
  40th meeting 23.07.04 PDF, Slides    
  39th meeting 04.06.04 PDF, Slides    
  38th meeting 28.05.04 PDF, Slides    
  37th meeting 23.04.04 PDF, Slides    
  36th meeting 19.03.04 PDF, Slides    
  35th meeting 06.02.04 PDF, Slides    
  34th meeting        

10.12.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        K. Tsoulou        Radiation studies at RR75/77 with shieldingg (PDF)
                        A. Ryazanov     Investigation of the effects of 7 TeV proton beams on the
                                                       LHC collimator materials (PDF)

03.12.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        R. Assmann     MAC talk 1 - OPEN session (PDF)
                        R. Assmann     MAC talk 2 - CLOSED session ()

26.11.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        B. Holzer           BLM data from the collimator tests at SPS and TT40 (PDF)

                        M. Santana        Status of energy deposition studies at IR7 (PDF)
                        A. Bertarelli       2-D thermo-mechanical analysis of injection accidental case (PDF)
                        G. Robert-Demolaize  Measured temperature of the TT40 collimator (PDF)
                        H. Vincke          Remanent radiation at TT40 - simulations vs measured values (PDF)

19.11.04     K. Tsoulou: Update on the shielding studies for the regions UJ76, RR73 and RR77 (PDF)

12.11.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        K. Tsoulou          Shielding study for the regions UJ76, RR73 and RR77 (PDF)

29.10.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        M. Magistris          Status of energy deposition studies at IR7 (PDF)
                        I. Bayshev             Active absorbers at IR3  - a short summary (PDF
                        I. Kurochkin          Passive absorbers at IR3 (PDF

08.10.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        M. Gasior            Some results from the Base-Band Q (BBQ) measurements (PDF)

20.09.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        K. Tsoulou            Radiation levels in the regions UJ76, RR73, RR77 (PDF)
                        M. Santana            Status of energy deposition studies at IR7 () 
                        O. Aberle              Status of collimator tests at SPS/TT40 (PDF
                        S. Redaelli            Calibration of the collimator motors for the SPS and TT40 prototypes (PDF)

03.09.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        G. Arduini              MD planning for the collimator tests at SPS and TT40 (PDF)
                        M. Brugger            Status of radiation impact studies at IR7

27.08.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        R. Assmann            Discussion on the report from the external collimation review (PDF)
                        M. Santana             Status of energy deposition studies at IR7

23.07.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        B. Goddard:           TCDI collimator specifications (PDF)

04.06.04      Minutes (PDF)
                        I. Baichev:            Energy deposition at IR3, proposal for local absorbers (PDF)
                        D. Macina:            Discussion on available space at IR5 (PDF)

28.05.04        Minutes (PDF)
                        R. Assmann:        Impressions on RHIC Collimation System (PDF

23.04.04        Minutes (PDF)
                        V. Kain:            Proposed location for tertiary collimators (PDF)
                        H. Braun:          Collimation of ions: locations of additional spoilers (PDF)
                        G. Robert-Demolaize: Status of SixTrack simulations with collimators (PDF)

19.03.04          Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)           A. Ferrari:          Survival of thin coatings with beam impact (PDF)
                       O. Aberle:          Surface resistance on collimator jaw material (PDF) 
                       F. Caspers:         Information: Panasonic Super Graphite (PDF)
                       S. Redaelli:         Discussion of detailed aperture model  (PDF)
                       E.B. Holzer:        Beam loss distribution in arc downstream of IR7 (PDF)

06.02.04          Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)          J.B. Jeanneret:    Power deposition in the vacuum chambers of the MQW magnets
                                                    of IR3 and IR7 (AB-Note-2003-085, PDF)
                      V. Vlachoudis:    Energy deposition on secodary collimators at IR7 (PDF)
                      M. Magistris:      Radiation issues for the LHC collimator test in TT40 (PDF)