LHC Collimation Working Group
List of 2003 meetings

Minutes: 33rd meeting 28.11.03 PDF, Slides    
  32nd meeting 20.10.03 Slides    
  31st meeting 10.10.03 PDF, Slides    
  30th meeting 26.9.03 No Minutes    
  29th meeting 05.9.03 PDF,  Slides    
  28th meeting 11.7.03 PDF, Slides    
  27th meeting 13.6.03 PDF, Slides    
  26th meeting 30.5.03 PDF, Slides    
  25th meeting 2.5.03 PDF, Slides    
  24th meeting 11.4.03 PDF, Slides    
  23rd meeting 28.3.03 PDF, Slides    
  22nd meeting 14.3.03 PDF, Agenda/Slides    
  21st meeting 14.2.03 No minutes    
  20th meeting 31.1.03 PDF, WORD, Slides    

28.11.03        Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)           H. Braun: Collimation of Lead Ions (PDF)
                       E.B. Holzer: BLMs for the LHC collimator tests (PDF)
                       B. Goddard: TDI setting and protection (PDF)
                       V. Kain: Study of loss distribution with detailed aperture model (PDF)
                       E. Metral: Automatic Collimator Impedance Computations (PDF)

20.10.03         Minutes
(CWG)           H. Vincke: Radiological Issues for Tests in TT40 (PDF)
                       R. Assmann: Final Discussion: Collimator and Material Test in SPS Ring and TT40 (PDF)

10.10.03          Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)             R. Assmann: Proposal for an LHC Collimator Test in the SPS (PDF)
                       R. Schmidt: Proposal for a Model Validation Material Test in TT40 (PDF)

5.9.03              Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)             R. Assmann: Organigramm CWG-CP-EST (PDF)

11.7.03            Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)             B. Goddard: Present Status of the TCDQ (PDF)
                      W. Weterings: TCDS Diluter to protect MSD Septum Magnets (PDF)
                      B. Goddard: Failures not covered by the TCDI  collimators (PDF)
                      R. Assmann: Studies on a Different Optics and Low Impedance Solution for IR7 (PDF)
                      V. Kain: Optics Solution for IR7 (PDF)

13.6.03            Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)            M. Jimenez: Graphite and C-C materials for UHV applications (PDF)
                      C. Rathjen: 3D studies of collimators between MQWs (PDF)
                      R. Assmann: News on Radiation Studies from M. Brugger (PDF)
                      R. Assmann: News on Phase 1 and Phase 2 of LHC collimation (PDF)
                      H. Burkhardt: TCDI (Transfer Line Collimator) Concept (PDF)
                      JB. Jeanneret: Collimation, materials, failure modes - II (PDF)
                      B. Dehning: Request for Beam Loss Simulations (PDF)

30.5.03      Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)       H. Braun: Ion Fragmentation (PDF)
                  R. Assmann: Towards a Proposal for the LTC on June 25th (PDF), Shadow Study (PDF)
                  JB. Jeanneret: Collimation, Materials, Failure Modes (PDF)

02.5.03      Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)      JB. Jeanneret: List of foreseen Collimators and Absorbers in the LHC (PDF)
                  JB. Jeanneret: Ongoing and Future Studies with IHEP (PDF)
                  M. Brugger: Status of Radiation Studies in IR7 (PDF)

11.4.03      Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)      H. Burkhardt: Optics of TI8+LHCbeam2 (PDF)
                  J. Uythoven: MKD re-trigger delays (PDF)
                  R. Assmann: Proton Impact for New Dump Re-triggering Time, specifications of BLM system (PDF) 
                  D. Kaltchev: Trial Moves of IR7 Quadrupoles to provide Space for longer Collimators (PDF)

28.3.03      Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)      B. Goddard: Impact of Injection Kicker Failures (PDF)
                  R. Assmann: Status of the LHC Collimation System (PDF)
                  R. Schmidt: Space-Reservation for Additional Collimators at the Triplets (PDF)
                  P. Sievers: Temperatures in Short Collimators with Transient and Continuous Proton Losses (PDF)

14.3.03      Minutes (PDF)
(CWG)      R. Assmann: Collimation with Ions - Collaborative Study with RHIC (PDF)
                  R. Assmann: A Three-Stage Cleaning System with Improved Robustness and Impedance (PDF)

14.2.03      Minutes
(CWG)      H. Burkhardt: Review of Transfer Line Collimation (PDF)
                  R. Assmann: First Look at Slow Case (PDF)
                  R. Assmann: Required Lengths of Collimator Jaws for Different Materials (PDF)

31.1.03      Minutes (PDF, WORD)
(CWG)      R. Assmann: The Collimation WG and the Collimation Project
                  F. Ruggiero: Impedance Constraints for Collimation (PDF)
                  J.B. Jeanneret: Need for TCL-type collimators
                  H. Burkhardt: Transfer Line Collimation and Protection at Injection
                  Round-table: First discussion on local electron cloud


Other meetings/talks:

24.4.03      Talks on Crystal Collimation for the LHC
(ABPF)      V. Viryukov, V. Guidi, W. Scandale: Crystal collimation for LHC (PPT)
                  V. Guidi: The Sensors and Semiconductors Laboratory (PPT)

08/04/03       R. Assmann: Status of the LHC Collimation System (incl thoughts of 3-stage system) (PDF)

26/02/03      R. Assmann: Status of the LHC Collimation System - Towards a Low-Z System (PDF)

13/03/03      R. Assmann: Status of the LHC Collimation System - Towards a Low-Z System (PDF)
(LHC Machine Advisory Committee)

05/03/03        R. Assmann: Can Collimation Limit the LHC Performance (PDF)
(Chamonix XII)