LHC Collimation Working Group
List of 2005 meetings

Minutes: 65th meeting 24.10.05 PDF, Slides    
  64th meeting 10.10.05 PDF, Slides    
  63rd meeting 16.09.05 PDF, Slides    
  62nd meeting 12.09.05 Slides    
  61st meeting 08.07.05 PDF, Slides    
  60th meeting 27.06.05 PDFSlides    
  59th meeting 13.06.05 PDF, Slides    
  58th meeting 09.05.05 PDF, Slides    
  57th meeting 02.05.05 PDF, Slides    
  56th meeting 25.04.05 PDF, Slides    
  55th meeting 15.04.05 PDF, Slides    
  54th meeting 21.03.05 PDF, Slides    
  53rd meeting 14.03.05 PDF, Slides    
  52nd meeting 28.02.05 PDF, Slides    
  51st meeting 14.02.05 PDF, Slides    
  50th meeting 31.01.05 PDF, Slides    

06.03.05      Minutes (PDF)
                       Proposed tests with beam at SPS and TT40 (PDF)
                       V. Kain              Tests for collimator setup in the transfer lines (PDF)

24.10.05      Minutes (PDF)
                       M. Lamont         Updated estimates of loss loads in the LHC (PDF, PPT)
                       J. Vollaire           Radiation issues for collimator cooling water (

10.10.05      Minutes (PDF)
                       B. Goddard       Updated layout of IR2/8 at the TCT/TCLI locations
                       S. Ramberger     Review of radiation limits of the IR3/IR7 warm magnets (PDF)
                       M. Magistris      Simulated radiation doses at the MBW's of IR7 (PDF)
                       A. Presland        Ozone production at IR7 (PDF)

16.09.05      Minutes (PDF)
                       A. Ryazanov:   Shock wave investigations for in collimator materials
                                                  under 7 TeV proton impacts (PDF)

12.09.05      Minutes ()
                       Round table:        Review of action items (HTTP)
                       O. Aberle:           Measurements of collimator jaw deformation for the TT40
                                                     collimator (PDF)
                       A. Presland:         Simulated energy deposition and temperature rise in
                                                     the assembled jaw (PDF)
                       A. Bertarelli:        Mechanical shock calculations and proposed solution (PDF)
                       R. Assmann and S. Redaelli: Impact on the system performance (PDF)

08.07.05      Minutes (PDF)
                       W. Scandale       Goals, deliverables and timeline of crystal experiment (PDF)
                       W. Scandale       Layout of crystal experiment at the SPS (PDF)
                       C. Biino              External contributions from Italy and Russia (PDF)

27.06.05      Minutes (PDF)
                       J. Wenninger        Orbit feedback for collimation - presented at LHC MAC of 06/2005 (PDF)
                       H. Braun              LHC ion collimation - presented at LHC MAC of 06/2005 (PDF)
                       A. Presland          Energy deposition studies for accident case scenarios at 7 TeV (PDF)
                       S. Redaelli            Web repository of the aperture model for beam loss studies (http)

13.06.05      Minutes (PDF)
                       R. Assmann         Brain-storming on possible collimation priorities for the LHC startup (PDF)
                       S. Redaelli           Cleaning efficiency and beam losses with 0.6m long TCPs at IR7 (PDF)
                       M. Magistris        Energy deposition studies with passive absorbers at IR7 (PDF)

09.05.05      Minutes (PDF)
                       I. Kourotchkine    Energy deposition in SC-link and fibres at IR3 (PDF)
                       J.B. Jeanneret       Quench limits of superconducting links (PDF)
                       M. Magistris         Update on IR7 energy deposition studies (PDF)
                       C. Rathjen           
Estimate of deposited energy in the vacuum chambers (PDF)

02.05.05      Minutes (PDF)
                       G. Robert-Demolaize  Loss maps with all LHC collimators, diluters and absorbers (PDF)
                       G. Spiezia       Collimator sound and vibration measurements at the TT40 tests (PDF)
                       R. Assmann    Phase-II collimator studies at SLAC and CERN - preliminary thoughts (PDF)
                       A. Masi          Order of cables for IR3 (PDF)

25.04.05      Minutes (PDF)
E. Metral             Collimator impedance: SPS measurements vs theory (PDF1, PDF2, PDF3)
                        A. Rossi              Update on vacuum pump functional specifications (PDF)
                        A. Presland         Energy deposition studies for failure scenarios at 7 TeV (PDF)
                        M. Santana         Update on energy deposition studies at IR7 (PDF)
                        O. Aberle           Availability of collimator prototypes (PDF)

15.04.05      Minutes (PDF)
                        D. Still (FNAL)   Collimation experience at the Tevatron (PDF)

21.03.05      Minutes (PDF)
                        M. Magistris      Status of energy deposition studies at IR7 (PDF)
                        A. Ryazanov      Effect of irradiation on graphite materials (PDF, References)

14.03.05      Minutes (PDF)
                        A. Rossi         Overview of collimator pumping modules (PDF)
                        C. Rathjen      Integration issues of collimator pumping modules (PDF)
                        A. Presland     Performance analysis of IR6 TCDQ system for different load cases (
                        M. Magistris   Status of energy deposition studies at IR7 (PDF)

28.02.05      Minutes (PDF)
                        H. Braun        Trip Report from RHIC
                        S. Redaelli      FLUKA inputs for various accident scenarios (HTTP)
                        S. Redaelli      High resolution capacitive gauge for measuring collimator jaw
                                                  positions - Results of TT40 test  (PDF)
                        R. Losito        Collimation position control (PDF)

14.02.05      Minutes (PDF)
                        P. Collier       
Infrastructure layout of IR7 (PDF)
                        K. Tsoulou     Update on radiation simulations at the RR's of IR7 with active absorbers (PDF)
                        M. Santana     Update on energy deposition studies at IR7 with new absorbers  -
                                                     heating of RF fingers (PDF)
                        G. Robert-Demolaize Preliminary estimates of cleaning inefficiency and loss maps with
                                                     the new absorbers at IR7 (PDF)
                        A. Grudiev     Update on HOM mode simulations (PDF)
                        S. Calatroni    RF fingers for secondary collimators (PDF)

31.01.05      Minutes (PDF)
                        M. Magisris    
Update on energy deposition studies at IR7 - new absorber locations (PDF)
                        R. Assmann    Total number of collimators and absorbers (V6.5) (PDF)
                        C. Rathjen      Results of  tests on flange for ultra high vacuum (PDF)
                        M. Gasior       Tunes measurements vs. collimator gap at the SPS (PDF)
                        A. Grudiev     Simulations of trapped modes in the LHC collimator (PDF)

                        S. Redaelli      Measuring the beam size by scraping the beam with the collimator (PDF)