LHC Collimation Working Group
List of 2007 meetings

Minutes: 91st meeting 13.12.07 PDF, Slides    
  90th meeting 10.12.07 PDF, Slides    
  89th meeting 12.07.07 PDF, Slides    
  88th meeting 04.07.07 PDF, Slides    
  87th meeting 15.06.07 PDF, Slides    
  86th meeting 07.05.07 PDF, Slides    
  85th meeting 23.04.07 PDF, Slides    
  84th meeting 19.03.07 PDF, Slides    
  83rd meeting 05.03.07 PDF, Slides    
  82nd meeting 19.02.07 PDF, Slides    

13.12.07      Minutes (PDF)
                     Round table:      TCDQ controls issue

10.12.07      Minutes (PDF)
  R. Assmann:     Status of collimator installation and commissioning plan (PDF)
                                    (Talk of the 22nd LHC machine advisory committee)
                      M. Jonker:        Status of collimator controls (PDF)

12.07.07      Minutes (PDF)
  F. Caspers:         Proposal for impedance measurements on the collimator prototype (PDF)
                      M. Brugger:       LHC passive absorbers (PDF)
S. Roesler:          RP aspects for the LHC passive absorbers (PDF)

04.07.07      Minutes (PDF)
  I. Yazynin:          Possibilities of using the crystalline targets for beam
                                      collimation in the LHC (PDF)

16.06.07      Minutes (PDF)
  D. Bocian:           Update on quench limit measurements (PDF)
  M. Sapinski:        Losses from wire scanners (PDF)

07.05.07      Minutes (PDF)
  F. Cerutti:            FLUKA studies for the LHC beam scrapers (PDF)
  J. Jowett:             Status and plans for the LHC ion collimation (PDF)

23.04.07      Minutes (PDF)
                      S. Redaelli:          Preliminary MD planning for the 2007 SPS run (PDF)
  C. Bracco:           Collimator settings during the energy ramping (PDF)
                      T. Weiler:            Aperture validation for the 2-beam collimators (PDF)
  T. Weiler:            Triplet aperture at 7TeV during the betatron squeeze (PDF)

19.03.07      Minutes (PDF)
                      P. Bestmann:       Survey of collimator alignment in high radiation environment (PDF)
  F. Cerutti:            FLUKA studies on passive absorbers (PDF)
  D. Kramer:          Results of 2006 BLM tests at the SPS and proposal for 2007 MD's (PDF)

05.03.07      Minutes (PDF)
                      L. Sarchiapone:    Updates on FLUKA simulation of TCDQ halo loads at IR6 (PDF)
  K. Kershaw:         Collimator handling in the LHC tunnel (PDF no photos, PDF, PPT)

19.02.07      Minutes (PDF)
                      A. Ryazanov: Studies of Radiation Damage in Irradiated Graphite
                                             Collimator Materials for LHC
(PDF1, PDF2 - 24MB with images)