LHC Collimation Working Group
List of 2006 meetings

Minutes: 81st meeting 11.12.06 PDF, Slides    
  80th meeting 04.12.06 PDF, Slides    
  79th meeting 27.11.06 PDF, Slides    
  78th meeting 23.10.06 PDF, Slides    
  77th meeting 09.10.06 (no minutes)    
  76th meeting 02.10.06 PDF, Slides    
  75th meeting 18.09.06 PDF, Slides    
  74th meeting 17.07.06 PDF, Slides    
  73rd meeting 07.07.06 PDF, Slides    
  72nd meeting 19.06.06 PDF, Slides    
  71st meeting 09.06.06 Slides    
  70th meeting
PDF, Slides

  69th meeting 08.05.06 PDF, Slides    
  68th meeting 03.04.06 PDF, Slides    
  67th meeting 20.03.06 PDF, Slides    
  66th meeting 06.03.06 PDF, Slides    

11.12.06      Minutes (PDF)
                      G. Bellodi:       Update on cleaning inefficiency versus collimator length (PDF)
                      C. Bracco:        Beam-based alignment and tail repopulation (PDF)
                      T. Weiler:         Beam scraping studies
                      D. Kramer:       Fast beam loss transients

04.12.06      Minutes (PDF)
                      S. Redaelli:       Overview of MD measurements and available data (PDF, Fast BCT: Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3)
                      M. Jonker:        Performance of collimator controls (PDF)
                      M. Sobczak:     Timing issues (PDF)
                      S. Redaelli:       Precision of collimator positioning and gap values (PDF)  
                      E. Metral:         First results of the 2006 collimator impedance measurements (PDF)
                      C. Bracco:        Beam-based alignment and tail repopulation (PDF) - Postponed to next meeting
                      T. Weiler:         Beam scraping studies
(PDF) - Postponed to next meeting

27.11.06      Minutes (PDF)
                      L. Ponce:         BLM installation layout (PDF)
  G. Bellodi:       BLM for ions in IR3 (PDF)
                      R. Steinhagen:  LHC orbit stability during betatron squeeze (PDF)

23.10.06      Minutes (PDF)
                      C. Bracco :        Planning for the SPS and TT40 collimator MD's (PDF)

09.10.06      Minutes (none)
                      R. Assmann:        Dry-run of the talk at the LHC schedule and budget review

02.10.06      Minutes (PDF)
                      R. Assmann:        Introduction (scope, priorities) (PDF)
                      M. Jonker:           Status of controls (SPS + TT40) (PDF)
                      E. Metral:            Impedance measurements (PDF)
                      S. Redaelli:          SPS beam loss measurements (PDF)
                      V. Kain:               TT40 test preparation issues (PDF)
                      A. Bertarelli:        Jaw displacements vs. time after beam impacts (PDF)

18.09.06      Minutes (PDF)
                     R. Assmann:        Priority list for FLUKA studies (PDF)
                     M. Brugger :        Priority list for FLUKA studies (PDF)
                     R. Assmann:        Brainstorming on collimator tests with beams (PDF)

17.07.06      Minutes (PDF)
                      D. Bocian:        Latest estimates of quench limits (PDF)
                      E. Metral:         Latest estimates of collimator impedance effects (PDF)
                      M. Santana:      Status of IR7 energy deposition studies (PDF)

07.07.06      Minutes (PDF)
                      A. Ferrari:       Plans for future FLUKA studies (PDF)

19.06.06      Minutes (PDF)
                       L. Ponce:         Locations of BLM based on proton loss maps (PDF)
                       G. Robert-Demolaize: Systematics of differences between B1 and B2 losses (PDF)

09.06.06      Dry-run of Ralph's presentation at the MAC (final version on the LHC MAC site)

22.05.06      Minutes (PDF)
                        G. Bellodi:        Updated ion simulations and final BLM location (PDF)
                         C. Bracco:       Collimation commissioning and error scenarios (PDF)
                         T. Weiler:        B2 simulations and status of IR loss maps studies (PDF)

08.05.06      Minutes (PDF)
                        G. Bellodi:          Locations of BLM at IR7 (PDF)
                         L. Sarchiapone: FLUKA simulations of TCDQ halo loads  (PDF)
                         A. Ryazanov:     Status of collimation material radiation simulations  (PDF no movies, PPT with movies)

03.04.06      Minutes (PDF)
J. Jowett : The iLHC project (introduction, status, timeline) (PDF)
                       G. Bellodi: Status of simulations for the ion collimation (PDF)
                       H. Braun : Analysis of BLM signal for the 2004 tests at the SPS (PDF)

20.03.06      Minutes (PDF)
                       M. Santane-Leitner: Status of IR7 FLUKA simulations (PDF)