LHC Collimation Working Group
(former  LHC Beam Cleaning Study Group)

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Study beam dynamics and operational issues for the LHC collimation system of the present machine. Optimize the collimation-driven performance aspects for the LHC. Identify open questions and assign priorities to collimation-related simulations and machine studies (in the LHC or other machines). Follow up hardware commissioning and system readiness with and without beam for all the devices under the collimation project responsibility.  

Future meetings Every second or third Monday  -  16:00  -  6-R-12  
  Next meeting:

To be announced

Contact the scientific secretary if you wish to propose topics for the meetings.


Previous meetings 2019
(Meetings 238th onward)

(Meetings 228th to 237th)

(Meetings 212th to 227th)

(Meetings 199th to 211th)

(Meetings 186th to 198th)

(Meetings 168th to 185th)


(Meetings 154th to 167th)


(Meetings 136th to 153rd)


(Meetings 123rd to 135th)


(Meetings 110th to 122nd)
  2009 (Meetings 98th to 109th)
  2008 (Meetings 92nd to 97th)

2007 (Meetings 82nd to 91st)

2006 (Meetings 66th to 81st)

2005 (Meetings 50th to 65th)

2004 (Meetings 34th to 49th)

2003 (Meetings 20th to 33th)

2002 (BCSG) (Meetings 7th to 19th)
  2001 (BCSG) (Meetings 1st to 6th)

Members(the participation is open to all interested colleagues)

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Chairperson:               roderik.bruce_AT_cern.ch
Scientific Secretary:    daniele.mirarchi_AT_cern.ch

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